It's not too late to ring in the season! Here's a to-do list. Make sure you check it twice!


I work at private parties and big events - upscale boutique openings, Broadway cast parties, cocktails at a diplomat's house - where the host simply wants good-looking people behind the bar.  I heard about model bartending through a friend who owns the company I work with.  They...


Overcoming rain, leaky tents, and hundreds of crashers, Bloomberg's post-Correspondents dinner party got futuristic this year, with high-tech invitations, neon lighting, and interactive art installations.


Her studio apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is just shy of 400 square feet, barely enough room for an Ikea open-shelf bookcase, a chocolate-brown tufted couch, a full-size bed and her brindle-coated Shih Tzu, Charlie.